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Our mission, goal and vision

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Gestaltning i förbindelsegång på Nya Karolinska Solna. Bländare, detalj, ©Helena Izoz/Bildupphovsrätt 2017. Foto P. Mannberg
Culture helps to strengthen the Stockholm region, making it more attractive to residents, visitors and investors. Therefore, the Region Stockholm, previously Stockholm County Council, supports cultural operators. Art and culture are also important for creating more healing care environments. The cultural administration is responsible for ensuring that residents in the county meet art in different environments, such as in our hospitals and in the subway.

Mission of the cultural administration

The culture administration in Region Stockholm works on behalf of the Culture Committee (read more about the Cultural Committee's meetings and documents on regionstockholm.se). The cultural administration consists of four departments:

The department for strategic coordination is responsible for distribute the Cultural Committee's financial support to cultural and community life and education in the Stockholm county. Cultural experiences are conveyed to the county's hospitals, health care and elderly homes. The department also carries out various surveys, investigations and strategic reviews in the context of how the county can interact in different cultural issues.

The department of art is responsible for all public art in the county's healthcare environments, involving handling new art projects in new or renewed healthcare environments, as well as managing, nurturing and renewing the existing art stock of about 60,000 artworks.

The department of conductive county culture consists of the Regional library Stockholm, Film Stockholm and Dance Circus, each working conductively within its area.

The cultural administration also has a department for operational support where the functions of archiving/registry, finance, communication and IT are included.

The Cultural Committee’s goal

Free culture for experiences, meetings, education and participation.

The Cultural Committee’s vision

Culture that creates common spaces, contributes to participation and opens up new worlds in a growing, creative and sustainable region.

The Region Stockholm's goal of culture

In the Region Stockholm budget you can read about goals and how they should be reported at the end of the year. In short, the following points summarize the overall goals of culture.

Children and young people are prioritised. A major proportion of external support is intended for children and young people.

Strategic coordination of the county's resources. The share of municipalities where the Cultural Council has developed cooperation with local representatives, cultural actors and civil society should be reported.

Financial support to arts and culture for experiences, participation and meetings. The percentage of municipalities reached by the Cultural Council's support shall be reported.

Culture as an integrated part of health care. In construction, two percent of the production costs for health care halls – and one percent for other halls – are allocated to art.


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